6 tips to avoid being S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Winter comes, slowly but surely. Days become shorter and so, you have the feeling to work all night long.

Like each year many web-workers begin being gloomy, sad and unproductive.

Here are 6 tips to avoid being afflicted by S.A.D when winter comes.

1 – Buy a Light Therapy lamp (because your laptop light is not enough).

2 – Take more time with your friends IRL.

3 – Drink real orange juice every breakfast (because it contains  Vitamin C).

4 – Eat a square of dark chocolate when you take a coffee break.

Dark chocolate is a good stimulant in many ways (but don’t eat it too much).

5 – Make love !

Any questions ?       : )

By the way, you must rethink at 4 – because chocolate has more benefits.

6 – Last but not least : STOP looking at your Klout score all the time.

Take care.


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